scheig company performance system

Phase I - Assess

Phase one of the Pre-Employment Assessment is the behaviorally based pre-employment Assessment.

The Assessment is designed to identify individuals from the applicant pool who have the greatest probability of successfully performing the job.  There can be up to three sections in phase one depending on the assessment developed and its requirements.

Utilizing our pre-employment assessment actually streamlines the hiring process since the hiring authority only spends time interviewing those who have a reasonable probability of being able to do the job well.  The interview to selection ratio increases significantly.

The Interest and Willingness Checklist – This section serves four purposes.
1. It acts as a communication tool to the applicant by giving them a comprehensive overview of the behaviors they will need to bring to the job to be successful.
2. It allows applicants to select an unwilling response which flags possible problems.
3. It provides a highly useful profile of the applicant’s experience with required behaviors for the job. This profile can be used for more effective training, placement, and further development of existing employees.
4. This section serves as an understanding between the employer and employee of what is expected in the job. The applicant's results in this section are reported separately from the combined scores of Sections Two and Three.
The Self Rating Checklist - Here, we ask the applicant to choose between two job specific behaviors, the one which best describes them. We are looking for applicants whose behavioral approach matches the way the best people do the job. This is a very powerful part of the assessment, and the success profile of the job is rooted in this section.

The Critical Incidents section - Panel members are asked to provide actual on-the-job scenarios which illustrate high performance behaviors. Again, we know from the panel of experts how outstanding performers are likely to handle these incidents. We are looking for applicants who, by their responses, demonstrate the same competencies as the known outstanding performers.