Clone your Top Performers


top performers on the jobWhen “Dolly” the cloned sheep was unveiled to the world, it brought to light the topic of duplication. While cloning people is not going to happen, we have developed a way to find people who have the same characteristics and make-up to be top performers.  Still, HR managers probably wouldn’t mind a bit of human cloning.
Finding “Star” Employees
People who score well on our assessments mirror the same qualities of the top performers in that job position. And because each of the assessments is job specific and behaviorally based, its validity is extremely high. In other words, we’ve taken away much of the guesswork that goes into hiring.
There are up to three sections to each assessment. One section measures the applicant's interest and willingness to fulfill the duties of the job. This part of the assessment helps companies clearly identify their expectations.
Another section is a forced choice checklist; this section identifies applicants who describe themselves in the same terms as successful employees.
A third section can be used that describes a series of critical incidents that the applicant will typically encounter on the job. This section identifies applicants who, by their response to a particular situation, demonstrate high performance capabilities.
Identify Outstanding Applicants Early. It’s a Time Saver in Hiring
Since the time spent administering each assessment is usually much less than that spent doing initial screening or conducting personal interviews, we highly recommend that it be given during the application phase of the hiring process. By doing this, personnel managers will spend their time interviewing only those applicants who have demonstrated high performance behaviors, thus saving time and money. But more important, the assessments decrease the probability of hiring a marginal performer. We’ve designed this program to help you identify and hire only outstanding applicants, easily.
Valid Results
Take a "test drive", try it for free. Give the assessment to employees who perform at the top and low end of the chart. We'll peg them by their test score. Administrators often ask, 'How did you know?' But, it's not magic. It's how we developed the test that makes it so accurate.