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performance evaluation with scheigscheig performance testing for new hiresOne of the most frustrating experiences employers face is the prospect of developing an effective performance evaluation. A big problem with existing evaluations is that they are not based on a job analysis and are often focused on goals or objectives which are out of an employee’s control.

Take “teamwork” as an example of an item often found on performance evaluations. The problem with that is the specific behaviors needed to develop teamwork are not addressed.
Another problem with existing evaluations is they are often very subjective and can focus on the person rather than the behavior. Our behaviorally based performance evaluation promises employers an effective tool to evaluate existing employees. We developed the evaluation with successful performers from across the country; it measures specific job behaviors that successful employees engaged in that work have identified as critical to job performance. Our performance evaluation is designed to facilitate communication between the manager and staff, to correct inappropriate behavior, and to give the employee feedback on his/her strengths.

Our job specific pre-interview assessments give employers the ability to consistently identify outstanding performers in their applicant pools. The behaviorally based performance evaluation allows employers to develop them into the best performers they can possibly be.

It is very difficult to transform an average employee into an outstanding one. The only way to come close is to have a behaviorally based performance evaluation in place which focuses on specific job behaviors.
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