End Time & Money Wasted Hiring the Wrong Candidates


end wasted time on bad employeesHow often have you hired someone who later turned out to be a poor performer on the job?  Unless you are a very gifted interviewer the answer to the above question is about half the time.  Scheig’s pre-interview assessments, administered at the application phase of your hiring system, allows you to quickly identify who will perform well in the job and who will not. We effectively eliminate time wasted interviewing unfit applicants by half, saving you a tremendous amount of time and money.   

Marginal Employees Cost Big Dollars

The best employees in a given position are two and three times more productive than their barely acceptable counterparts.  In one study we did with a client, their diesel mechanics who did not pass our test averaged $256 per month in rework while the mechanics who scored highest on our test averaged only $10 per month in rework.  Likewise, a trucking company’s worst drivers, as identified by our test, had 334% more late deliveries, 212% more accidents, and 129% more cargo claims than their best drivers.
These differences in productivity occur across the entire spectrum of behaviors which make up the job, including safety.  Often, people hired are put through safety training prior to being placed on the job.  The assumption is that anyone can be taught safety, or in a broader sense, anyone can be trained to do just about anything.  The fact of the matter is that the behaviors of safety, along with other necessary job behaviors, come with the applicant to the job.  
Sitting someone down in front of a safety film will not, by itself, make them safe workers.  The dollars wasted on training designed to make people something they are not is staggering.  Training will not significantly improve the performance of a poor employee, or as one of my clients put it, “You can’t make a silk purse out of a sow’s ear.”   Agreed.

Here’s the easy part

Scheig can help you to streamline your hiring process. Our unique methodology lets you quickly and accurately differentiate between the high and low performers in your applicant pools, allowing you the power of knowing who to best focus your valuable time with. We report back areas of training needs, and in just what areas they lack critical experience. And you spend your time on the right candidates, in turn, building a better, more responsive workforce.