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Yes, I LOVE this program!!
I do believe it has brought us better quality applicants as well as improved retention.  I love how it has streamlined my hiring process and taken the guesswork out of considering an applicant.  I think it is fairly accurate too.  The applicants that don't meet the benchmark score are usually applicants I would not consider for hire and this quick and easy process just confirms that in most cases.
Don't change a thing.....however, I would like to have an assessment for dispatchers if that ever becomes possible.

Janelle McDonough
Director of HR / Risk Management
Anderson Coach & Travel
One Anderson Plaza
Greenville, PA 16125

Note: Anderson Coach and Travel was voted the 2011 IMG Operator of the Year!

"We have used Scheig Assessments for several years now and have made it a permanent part of our Hiring process for our School Custodial Staff. Too often, School hiring practices are designed primarily for educational staff, Scheig Assessments delivers the essence of custodial responsibilities to the hiring process, providing our potential candidates with insight into the work they are applying for. By using Scheig Assessments, I feel we have improved our ability to hire compatible employees who work well together, stay longer and perform quality work consistently. Information obtained by using Scheig Assessments have helped us improved our training practices, allowing us to focus on what potential new employee's need to learn. Overall our experiences with using Scheig Assessments have been very helpful and positive."
Paul Rafferty
Environmental Services Coordinator
ISD 31, Bemidji Public Schools
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“The Scheig Assessments have worked very well for us.  The process has helped is to better screen applicants during the hiring process, which has led to a dramatic increase in retention, significantly decreasing turnover at the same time.  That has led to a cost savings to our company which was not available before using the program.”
Bill Sanzone
Spirit and Sanzone

“Using the SCHEIG system is just one more tool that helps us identify highly qualified people for our operation.   We have a very small margin of error in our business.  The ease of use and timely results are key in moving people through our qualification process.  I highly recommend them!”

Phil Vallone, President RVBC

“The results of utilizing the Scheig Assessment are evident.  The Scheig Assessment has given All Aboard America! not only a targeted candidate pool from which to hire but has also helped to lower employee turnover, to lower workers’ compensation claims, to lessen the number of disciplinary actions, to increase productivity, and has led to an increase in customer satisfaction.  

The Scheig Assessment is a hiring and retention tool that has proven itself time and time again.

It is definitely an investment and not an expense.”  

Steven J Schmidgall
Human Resources Director
All Aboard America!

“We definitely feel it is a good tool in our hiring process.  We have found it to be right on.  Usually those people that do well on the assessment do well in their interview and have proven to be good employees.”

Mark Hazen, Bellevue School District

“I find it identifies a better quality applicant – I have a chance to chat with them first – I use it as a pre-interview tool and it works very well for us.”

Shari Dionne – Prince George School District

“I have been very pleased with your customer service.”

Jennifer Holmes, Edmonds School District

“Terri, we have had 2675 applicants through our front door in the past 12 months.  We would have spent far more hours reviewing each and every application without the use of the Scheig Assessment as our 1st filter in the process.

After determining a range of acceptable scores for the assessment and checking to see if the application is complete, we are physically reviewing approx 15% of the applications.  We have continued to reduce our turnover number each year we have used Scheig.

Thanks very much for your continued support.”

Cathy Rivera
Atlas Cold Storage
Denver, CO

 As an established privately owned center since 1984 we have found the Scheig assessment a valuable tool in our hiring process.
For the past eight years, Scheig has assisted us in hiring the right teachers for our three centers. Cheig offers timely results and has always been available to answer any questions we may have.

Please feel free to contact any of our three Directors at the above locations for any additional questions.

Sheila B. Fisher
President, Hugs Plus Learning Center

In an age of terror, Amber Alerts and other acts of aggression on children and families, meticulous hiring practices are mandatory- especially in the field of early childhood education. We have been in partnership with Scheig Associates for almost eight years now and can say that the validation your pre-employment testing places on our interview process is invaluable. Perhaps equally important is the marketing advantage we gain by explaining our employment practices to prospective families. We are committed to becoming the employer of Choice in our region and by using the Scheig System we are achieving that goal.

Thank you for your testing products and the assistance with interpretation that you have continued to give us. We wish your company the best and continued success in demystifying the hiring process.

Gail W. Johnson
Rainbow Station, Inc