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Company Profile

Scheig Associates provides job-specific, behaviorally based, talent selection and people development solutions to companies worldwide. In meeting the needs of our diverse and occasionally distant clientele our service operate and are available 24/7.

Our uniquely relevant methodology is designed to accurately identify top producing, high performance talent, and delivered using innovative SaaS technologies.  Focusing on candidate behavioral job-fit, our assessment-based solutions help our clients identify, select, and develop the right talent, resulting in improved business outcomes.  

Scheig offers 80+ job-specific assessments designed for a wide variety of jobs and industries. We also work with clients to construct customized assessments and performance systems. Our products and services are comparatively inexpensive, yet the ROI substantially more.

We help to solve a multitude of problems for our clients ranging from reducing turnover, establishing more precise job success profiles, reducing a myriad of employee related costs, streamlining and standardizing the hiring process, and improving workforce performance and output. All of which significantly contribute to discernible improvements in bottom line profits.  

Furthermore, we introduce validity into the hiring process. Our systems meet all the requirements of the Federal Hiring Guide Lines for Employee Selection (1978). 

"We have found the Scheig pre-employment assessments to be deadly accurate measures of the human and technical factors that lead to high productivity in the commercial and industrial construction industries. We have administered over 7,000 tests in the last three years and believe that they are the best tools available in the United States to assess an individual's capacity to perform at a high level in the job for which they are being hired."

Executive Director • Construction Industry