scheig company performance system

Phase II - Confirm

Phase Two of the pre-employment assessment is the behaviorally based structured interview. It is the confirmation phase of the system and allows the hiring authority to further sort, sift and confirm from among those who have passed the pre-employment assessment.

The interview is used to confirm the applicants’ performance on the pre-employment assessments against the actual competencies and experiences of the applicant.   Taking the top performance job behaviors from the test development stage, the questions are designed to reveal the candidates' strengths as they directly correlate to the behaviors required for the job. The interviewer scores the answers to further reconcile and sort the applicants.

The behaviorally based structured interview is looking for answers to actual situations in the applicant’s past, the actions they took, and the results of that action. This further confirms their performance capabilities. After successful completion of this phase, the hiring authority is able to identify those who are eligible for hire.

Some hiring authorities are very perceptive when it comes to hiring the right individual for the job.  They are excellent interviewers and they know what they are looking for in terms of the applicants’ ability to do the job well.  Unfortunately, we don’t all have that gift.  Even the good ones make mistakes that they might not have made had they had more information.  One of the reasons to “test” is to give you more information about the applicant, information that can help you in not only who you spend your time interviewing, but the content of the interview itself. The Scheig job specific pre-employment assessment and interview focus on the actual job behaviors which will impact the individuals’ job performance.  It significantly decreases the probability and therefore the cost of making a “bad” hire.