scheig company performance system

The Scheig System

Time tested, for more than two decades, Scheig Associates, Inc. has been assisting companies around the world with the identification and development of top-performing employees.  Our System has three phases for ultimate results or can be purchased individually.

Phase I: ASSESS - The first phase of the System is the Scheig Assessment. The Assessment is easy to administer. When applied to a raw applicant pool, the assessment identifies all the potentially high performing applicants. Should the hiring authority desire, these applicants can then be passed through to Phase II.
Phase II: CONFIRM - The structured interview questions are designed to confirm the competence and experience of the candidates. The questions reveal the strengths and weaknesses of the candidates in critical job behaviors. The interviews are scored to further sort the applicants.
Phase III: DEVELOP - After hiring, the Performance Evaluation is integral to the success of the employee. It acts as a communication tool between the manager and the employee and can be used to chart training needs on an individual or position-wide basis.


You have the option to employ just the Assessment (Phase I) or all three Phases depending on your needs. We can help you determine the process that is right for you.

"Within eight months, we reduced turnover to 45% (from 200%), reduced worker's comp injuries among those hired with the Scheig Test, reduced training time in half and now have a diverse workforce in our warehouse operations. In addition, implementation of the Scheig assessment prior to notification of an OFCCP audit helped save the company several hundred thousand dollars." 

VP of Human Resources, Food service industry.