scheig company performance system

The Scheig Hiring and Performance System

We measure the whole job, including the human factor behaviors comprising up to 70 - 80% of the job as well as the technical parts of the job. All of our assessments are based on a thorough job analysis with people who actually do the job and are considered to be superior performers.

The behaviors generated by the job analysis are statistically analyzed to identify those behaviors which have the most impact on performance.We build the assessment around the way the best employees do the job. It then becomes the standard against which applicants are measured. Our approach identifies the “success profile” for the position. We look very closely at the actual job behaviors which distinguish superior performers and which also create problems on the job in their absence. Validity, or “job relatedness”, is built into the system.

To us it is irrelevant what kind of personality a person is. We just focus on and want to know if they do the specific job behaviors that superior performers tell us make differences in productivity outcomes on the job.  -What you know changes, who you aren’t doesn’t.

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